10 Cool Ways to Hang Flat Screen

As countless couples heading home from Best Buy have discovered, it’s hard to make a 60-inch (or bigger!) screen blend in with the decor of your living room.

That big screen is a big deal for most families. Americans are spending even more time in front of the tube — an average 5 hours and 31 minutes per day watching video, up from 5 hours and 25 minutes in 2014. For many, that means staring at a screen sitting on top of a boring stand, with a bunch of cords, cable boxes, and other gadgets shoved alongside.

But there are plenty of clever wallmounts and creative ways to make your big screen less of a big eyesore.

Here are 10 different ideas you can consider when deciding how to set up your flat screen television.

Of course, do your research to find the best hardware for the job. Everyone has their own preferences of where they prefer to watch television so choose wisely according to your space.